Theme of our design studio course was Activation of air in the public space. After analyzing termodinamical data we were able to determine critical places where we would be able to intervene. Main idea was to use air as energy source and as solution to pollution problem in Madrid. So we explored context and we come across idea  to use metro tube as source of pressure which would eventually create difference with pressure on top of our towers and we would have the air flow. So here evolution of our tower starts and ends up at point where we have six towers, shaped by wind and sun and terrain shaped by air flow between metro tube and tower tops. Towers are covered with green layer and wind and sound sensible strings needed for energy production.
Created public space is extension to urban context, so it is designed not to interrupt existing circulation.
FEP should be seen as research on possible solutions to problems that we are able to predict.

Form Finding

Height Comparison

Space Generation

Wireframe and Development of Floorplans


Interior Perspective

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